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Aleurodiscus amorphusorange discus
Description: The Orange Discus takes its name from its disc-shaped fruitbodies that often remain separate, but sometimes coalesce in twos and threes. The surface is smooth, finely granular, and pinkish orange, becoming duller with age or in dry weather. The margins are distinct, often upturned, finely woolly, and whitish.
Habitat: Woodland
Substrate: dead, attached branches of firs and spruce
Aleurodiscus farlowii
Distribution: Northern North America.
Habitat: On recently-dead twigs of living conifers. Recorded on Abies grandis, Pseudotsuga menziesii, and Tsuga canadensis.
Stereum gausapatumbleeding oak crust
Stereum hirsutumhairy curtain crust, hairy parchment, hairy Stereum, false turkey-tail
Stereum ostreafalse turkey-tail
Stereum sanguinolentumbleeding conifer crust, bleeding conifer parchment