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Pluteus atromarginatusblack-edged Pluteus
Pluteus cervinusdeer-mushroom, fawn mushroom, fawn-colored mushroom, deer shield
Distribution: Grows on a variety of woody substrates, including sawdust and wood chips, and can be found throughout the year when temperature and moisture are conducive. It often is one of the early spring species at lower elevations.
Pluteus pellitusghost shield
Pluteus petasatuspatrician deer-mushroom
Pluteus romelliiyellow-stemmed Pluteus, goldleaf shield
Pluteus salicinuswillow shield
Pluteus thomsoniiveined shield
Pluteus tomentosulussmall white deer-mushroom
Volvariella bombycinasilky rosegill, silky volvariella
Volvariella gloiocephalastubble rosegill, common Volvariella, showy Volvariella
Volvariella pusillatiny Volvariella
Volvariella smithiiSmith's Volvariella