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Asterophora lycoperdoidespowdery piggyback, powder-cap, star-bearing powdercap
Asterophora parasiticasilky piggyback
Description: Both Asterophora lycoperdoides and A. parasitica infect russulas and lacteriuses. The fruitbodies are relatively small, with a cap and stipe, either with distinct gills or thick, distant, and reduced ones. While both species are capable of producing basidiospores, they are noted for their production of asexual spores (chlamydospores). A. parasitica has a more conic, whitish, brownish, grayish or faintly lilac cap that forms large, smooth, elliptical chlamydospores on the gills.
Habitat: Woodlands
Substrate: Old fungal fruitbodies of russulas and lacterius
Calocybe carneapink Calocybe, pink domecap
Calocybe onychina
Habitat: Occurs with conifers such as Engelmann spruce, subalpine fir, and Douglas-fir.
Lyophyllum loricatumfrosty Lyophyllum
Lyophyllum semitale
Spores: narrowly ellipsoid spores, 6.5--9 x 3--4.5 ┬Ám
Lyophyllum shimeji
Distribution: Northern Hemisphere.
Habitat: Forested areas.
Substrate: Soil.