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Ascocoryne cylichniumlarge purple jellydisc
Description: Produces fruitbodies in dense clusters or troops. Individual fruitbodies start as pale reddish purple to lilac-purple, firmly gelatinous blobs, which gradually become button-like with age. When mature, they are generally this and disc-shaped, often rather pleated and wavy, and attached to wood at the base or by an abbreviated stem.
Habitat: woodlands
Substrate: rotten stumps, fallen logs, and branches
Spores: Late summer and fall
Ascocoryne sarcoidespurple jelly-drops
Bisporella citrinaminute lemon cup, yellow fairy cups
Description: Bisporella citrina is perhaps the most noticeable of the inoperculate discomycetes, as it is very common, bright yellow, and fruits in large numbers on hardwood branches that have lost their bark. Although there are other small, yellow, cushion-like discomycetes, none of them are as common or fruit in such abundance.
Substrate: Hardwood branches
Cenangium ferruginosumpine die-back
Chlorociboria aeruginascensgreen cups, green stain, green wood-cups
Distribution: Broad Across North America, Europe, and Asia
Spores: spores (5--8 x 1--2 ┬Ám)
Chlorociboria aeruginosa
Substrate: Rotting barkless wood
Cudoniella clavus
Distribution: It is widespread, but not particularly common.
Substrate: C. clavus occurs in spring and early summer on very wet plant debris, such as cones and twigs, often at least partly submerged in running water.