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Chroogomphus ochraceus
Habitat: Pine forests
Chroogomphus pseudovinicolorrobust pine-spike
Chroogomphus tomentosuswoolly pine spike
Description: Chroogomphus tomentosus is unusual for this group in being dry and somewhat fibrillose-wooly, rather than viscid, which makes it easy to identify once the spore color and decurrent gills have been noted. It is ochraceous orange when young, at which point it could possibly be mistaken for a golden chanterelle, and later may develop wine-reddish or purplish colors. Although it often is said that chroogomphuses associate only with pines, that is not true for C. tomentosus, as it often is found in mixed conifer forests that lack pines. It apparently occurs only in western North America.
Distribution: Occurs only in western North America.
Habitat: Often is found in mixed conifer forests that lack pines.
Chroogomphus vinicolorpine spike, wine-cap
Gomphidius glutinosusglutinous Gomphidius, hideous Gomphidius, slimy Gomphidius, slimy spike
Gomphidius maculatushideous Gomphidius, larch spike
Gomphidius oregonensisclustered Gomphidius, insidious Gomphidius
Gomphidius smithiiSmith's Gomphidius
Gomphidius subroseusrosy Gomphidius