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Gomphus bonariiBonar's gomphus
Gomphus clavatuspig's-ear gomphus, pig's-ear, pig's-ears
Distribution: Western
Habitat: Conifer forests
Gomphus floccosusscaly chanterelle, scaly vase chanterelle, wooly chanterelle
Description: Not truly wooly, Gomphus floccosus is more accurately characterized by the coarse scales that usually line its deeply vase-shaped cap. However, it is a highly variable fungus and the degree of scaliness is by no means constant. In its common form, the cap when fresh is a deep reddish orange, but fades with age and old pale specimens can be found that might seem to be a different fungus. The fertile surface is whitish to pale yellowish and highly wrinkled and forked, with portions appearing almost like pores in older specimens. The size of the fruitbodies varies from small-medium to fairly large and the shape can be tall and slender or short and squatty with the vase shape being more or less developed.
Distribution: Broad Common in Western and North America
Habitat: Conifer Forests; woodland
Gomphus kauffmaniiKauffman's gomphus
Distribution: Western Western North America
Habitat: Old-growth conifer forests; conifer forests in general
Ramaria abietinagreen-staining coral
Distribution: It occurs across the U.S. and Canada and also in Europe and Asia.
Ramaria acrisiccescensblah coral
Habitat: It occurs throughout the conifer forests of the PNW.
Ramaria amyloideapale peach rusty-root
Ramaria apiculata
var. apiculata – green-tipped coral
Ramaria araiospora
Distribution: Restricted to the PNW.
var. araiospora – carmine coral, light red coral
var. rubella – crimson coral
Ramaria botrytiscauliflower coral, clustered coral, wine-tipped coral, pink-tipped coral mushroom
Ramaria celerivirescensgold rusty-root
Ramaria cyaneigranosa
var. cyaneigranosa – pink coral
var. elongata – pink pencils
var. persicina – peach fan
Ramaria cystidiophora
var. citronella – lemon fuzzy-foot
var. cystidiophora – fuzzy-footed coral, fuzzy-foot
var. fabiolens – beany fuzzy-foot
Ramaria formosayellow-tipped coral
Ramaria gelatinosa
var. oregonensis – gelatinous coral, Oregon gelatinous coral, gelatinous coral mushroom
Ramaria largentiigolden coral, Largent's coral
Ramaria leptoformosaslim formosa
Ramaria longisporaformosetta
Ramaria maculatipesformosa stainer
Ramaria magnipes
Habitat: Occurs mostly in the mountains east of the Cascade crest.
var. magnipes – big-base goldie
Ramaria rasilispora
var. scatesiana – Kit's creamy coral
Ramaria rubiginosayellow winey-base
Ramaria rubribrunnescenssweet formosa stainer
Ramaria rubrievanescenspale pinky
Ramaria rubripermanensperma pinky
Ramaria sandaracina
var. chondrobasis – fused orange clump
var. euosma – sweet orange clump
Ramaria stricta
var. stricta – straight coral, straight-branched coral, upright coral, strict coral mushroom
Ramaria velocimutanswhite rusty-root
Ramaria vinosimaculanspale winey-base
Turbinellus floccosus
Habitat: Temperate coniferous forests.
Substrate: Soil.
Turbinellus kauffmanii
Habitat: Temperate coniferous forests.
Substrate: Soil