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Calocera corneasmall staghorn
Description: Calocera cornea is a wood-inhabiting jelly-fungus. Its growth in large troops on rotting logs and small size set it apart from the other club-fungi. Microscopically, its spores are divided by a crosswall and are produced on basidia that are shaped like tuning forks or wishbones. It occurs throughout much of the world. C. viscosa is closely related, but is brighter in color, coralloid, and occurs on conifer wood.
Distribution: Broad
Habitat: Occurs on conifer wood
Substrate: Stumps, dead and fallen branches, and logs, in troops
Calocera viscosayellow false coral, yellow tuning fork, coral jelly fungus, yellow staghorn
Distribution: It is common, but rarely abundant, in western North America, as well as in Europe and Asia.
Habitat: Occurs on rotting conifer wood in the forests
Dacrymyces chrysospermusorange jelly
Dacrymyces stillatuscommon jelly-spot
Habitat: It often occurs on cedar-board fences becoming apparent every time it rains.
Substrate: conifer wood, occasionally hardwood substrates
Heterotextus alpinusgolden jelly cone, jelly cup
Habitat: Wet conifer