Covers mushrooms and other non-lichenized fungi that form multicellular fruiting bodies large enough to be seen with the unaided eye.

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Scientific names beginning with D:
Dacrymyces chrysospermusorange jelly
Dacrymyces stillatuscommon jelly-spot
Habitat: It often occurs on cedar-board fences becoming apparent every time it rains.
Substrate: conifer wood, occasionally hardwood substrates
Daedalea quercinamaze-gill fungus, oak maze-gill
Daedaleopsis confragosablushing bracket, thin-maze flat polypore, thin-walled maze polypore
Daldinia grandiscarbon balls, King Alfred's cakes, cramp-balls
Datronia molliscommon mazegill
Dendrocollybia racemosabranched Collybia, branched shanklet
Diplocarpon rosaeblack spot