Contributor Profile: Gerald D. Carr

Name: Gerald D. Carr


Affiliation: Affil. Prof., Botany & Plant Pathology, OR St. Univ.

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Background: BA (Biology), E WA Univ. 1968; MS (Botany) Univ WI (Milwaukee), 1970; PhD (Botany), Univ. CA (Davis), 1975; Prof Botany, Emeritus, Univ HI (Manoa), 2005. Systematics of vascular plants; research expertise in plant cytogenetics and hybridization. Knowledge of Flora of Pacific Northwest, Flora of Hawaii. Interest in Asteraceae, especially Heliantheae (Madiinae), parasitic and mycotrophic vascular plants. Pursuing capture of high resolution images of Oregon flowering plants whenever and wherever found and posting them for all to use and enjoy.


Photographs: 17,326 (browse photos)

Taxa photographed: 2,165

Photo Copyright Statement:
Photos may be used without prior permission for strictly personal use or classroom instruction. Prior permission is required for any profit-seeking or commercial use, including books, printed material, computer programs, web sites, or any use in which the photos will be publicly accessible.