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Hygrocybe cantharellusgoblet waxcap, chanterelle waxy-cap
Hygrocybe ceraceabutter waxcap, golden yellow waxgill
Distribution: Northern Hemisphere
Hygrocybe chlorophanagolden waxcap
Hygrocybe coccineascarlet hood, scarlet waxcap, righteous red waxy-cap, scarlet waxy-cap
Hygrocybe colemannianatoasted waxcap
Hygrocybe conicawitch's hat, blackening waxcap, conic waxcap, blackening waxy-cap
Distribution: Broad
Hygrocybe cuspidatapointed waxy-cap
Hygrocybe flavescensyellow waxcap, golden waxy-cap
Hygrocybe irrigataslimy waxcap
Hygrocybe lacmusgrey waxcap, violet waxcap, violet-gray waxy-cap
Hygrocybe laetissima
Distribution: West coast of North America.
Substrate: Soil.
Hygrocybe marchii
Distribution: Northern forests.
Habitat: Forested areas in mosses.
Substrate: Soil, mossy areas.
Hygrocybe miniata
Habitat: A wide variety of habitats, including forests, grasslands, and mossy lawns.
var. miniata – vermilion waxcap, miniature waxy-cap
Hygrocybe pratensismeadow waxcap, meadow waxy-cap, salmon waxy-cap
Hygrocybe puniceacrimson waxcap, scarlet waxy-cap
Hygrocybe reidii
Distribution: Northern hemisphere.
Hygrocybe virescens
Distribution: Uncommon
Habitat: Redwoods
Hygrocybe virgineasnowy waxcap