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Acarospora fuscata
Description: Thallus areolate, becoming squamulose, yellowish-brown to brownish-red, often shiny. with darker brown, irregular apothecia in the center of each areole.
Distribution: Washington; Alaska, western and midwestern states, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan, northeastern states; British Columbia, Canada east of Canadian Rockies.
Habitat: In full or partial sun.
Substrate: On granitic rocks.
Acarospora glaucocarpa
Description: Thallus dispersed reddish-brown squamules each containing a single apothecium <3 mm. with a lightly pruinose disk.
Distribution: Washington in Pend Oreille; Alaska to Texas, east of Rocky Mountains; disjuncts in Missouri, Tennessee/North Carolina border, along east coast.
Habitat: In exposed areas.
Substrate: On calcareous rock.
Acarospora schleicheri
Description: Thallus sulphur yellow, pale to medium, sometimes pruinose, squamulose-areolate, frequently lobed at margins; apothecia large, reddish-brown, sometimes scabrose.
Distribution: East of Cascades in Washington; Rocky Mountains in Colorado;
Habitat: In the open.
Substrate: On soil.
Acarospora strigata
Description: Thallus light grey to yellowish-grey areoles, heavily pruinose, 0.5-1.5 mm forming an almost continuous crust. Apothecia sunken, reddish-brown, with or without pruina.
Distribution: Kittitas County in Washington; southern California, Utah, Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, North Dakota, South Dakota; Alberta, Saskatchewan.
Substrate: On calcareous rock.