Morels and False Morels
5 genera
21 species
0 subspecies and varieties
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Gyromitra californicaCalifornia false morel, umbrella false morel
Gyromitra esculentaelephant-ears, lorchel, lorel, beefsteak morel, conifer false morel, brain mushroom
Gyromitra infulahooded false morel, saddle-shaped false morel
Gyromitra montanasnow mushroom, the walnut
Distribution: Occurs in early summer, often near melting snowbanks.
Helvella atradark elfin saddle
Helvella compressacompressed elfin saddle
Helvella crispafluted white Helvella, wavy lorchel, white saddle, saddleback
Helvella elasticabrown elfin saddle, slender-stalked Helvella, smooth-stalked Helvella, flexible lorchel
Distribution: H. elastica occurs in summer and fall in both conifer and hardwood forests.
Helvella maculatafluted brown elfin saddle
Helvella vespertinafluted black elfin saddle, black Helvella, fluted black Helvella
Morchella brunneanatural black morel
Morchella elatablack morel
Origin: Native
Morchella importunanorthwest landscape morel
Morchella populiphilawestern half-free morel
Morchella snyderiSnyder's morel
Verpa bohemicaearly bell morel, early morel, wrinkled thimble morel, wrinkled thimble, wrinkled thimble-cap
Origin: Native
Verpa conicabell morel, thimble morel, smooth thimble mushroom, smooth thimble-cap
Distribution: It is a widespread but uncommon species that fruits early in the spring in a variety of habitats including montane conifer forests.