Jelly Fungi
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Ascocoryne cylichniumlarge purple jellydisc
Description: Produces fruitbodies in dense clusters or troops. Individual fruitbodies start as pale reddish purple to lilac-purple, firmly gelatinous blobs, which gradually become button-like with age. When mature, they are generally this and disc-shaped, often rather pleated and wavy, and attached to wood at the base or by an abbreviated stem.
Habitat: woodlands
Substrate: rotten stumps, fallen logs, and branches
Spores: Late summer and fall
Ascocoryne sarcoides
Description: Ascocoryne sarcoides produces small spherical to cup- or disc-shaped gelatinous fruitbodies on stumps, logs, and branches of conifers and hardwoods. Generally it appears in fall and continues to grow late into the season. It forms pink to violet-pink fruitbodies, often clustered together, and eventually the cup surface becomes irregular with a distinct dark edge. When A. sarcoides reproduces sexually, eight colorless, two-celled spores are formed in each ascus. However, when young, it may produce only asexual spores.
Habitat: stumps, logs, and branches of conifers and hardwoods
Spores: Fall
Auricularia auriculajelly ear, brown ear fungus, tree-ear, wood-ear
Bulgaria inquinansblack jelly drops, poor man's licorice
Substrate: dead hardwood logs, or branches, especially of oak.
Calocera viscosayellow stagshorn
Description: Claocera viscosa produces rubbery-gelatinous, coralloid fruitbodies branching repeatedly from a short, central stem. The tips of the branches are normally pointed and often shortly forked. Fresh specimens are a bright egg-yolk yellow, drying a deep orange. The whole fruitbody becomes hard and tough when dry.
Substrate: stumps, fallen branches and logs.
Dacrymyces chrysospermusorange jelly
Dacrymyces stillatuscommon jelly-spot
Habitat: It often occurs on cedar-board fences becoming apparent every time it rains.
Substrate: conifer wood, occasionally hardwood substrates
Exidia glandulosablack witch's butter, warty jelly fungus, black jelly roll
Exidia recisaamber jelly roll
Guepinia helvelloidesapricot jelly, apricot jelly mushroom, candied red jelly mushroom, salmon salad
Pseudohydnum gelatinosumtoothed jelly fungus, toothed jelly, white jelly mushroom, jelly false tooth, jelly tooth, toothjelly
Tremella mesentericayellow brain, witch's butter, yellow brain fungus