Lichenized Fungi

Lichens are composite organisms composed of fungal species in a symbiotic relationship with algae and/or cyanobacteria. Although lichens are classified and named based on the fungal component, they are here presented separately from fungi for convenience of access.

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Genus names beginning with B:
16 genera
64 species
3 subspecies and varieties
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Bacidia (8 species)
Bacidina (1 species)
Baeomyces (2 species)
Bellemerea (4 species)
Biatora (10 species)
Biatoropsis (1 species)
Brigantiaea (2 species)
Brigantiaea (2 species)
Brodoa (1 species)
Bryocaulon (1 species)
Bryonora (2 species)
Bryoplaca (1 species)
Bryoria (18 species)
Buellia (11 species)
Bunodophoron (1 species)
Byssoloma (1 species)